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How Litigation Could Be An Option For Immigration Cases

Even if you live under a rock, you know that the immigration topic has been debated for years and years. Half of the nation feels that immigration should be heavily enforced, the other half believes we should loosen enforcement on immigration. In recent news, the new option of litigation has been being utilized in immigration cases all across America. I'm sure you are curious what the typical procedures would be for a case like this. Well keep reading to find out more!

How the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) is flawed:

In many case scenarios, the paper work submitted by the USCIS has flaws pertaining to how the laws actually work. However, about 90% of people are denied and nearly all of those people don't even have enough money to afford an attorney in the first place. This means that even though though the USCIS is denying paperwork left and right, without properly understanding the situation of each case, and the laws that pertain to it, nothing can truly be done about it because people can't afford an attorney to fight it.

It is for this reason that litigation cases against the USCIS are beginning to develop across the nation, for that small percentage of people who can afford the attorney to fight their case. At BSMS Law, we have experienced attorneys who know about all of this information and more. Call us today for the highest quality service and trust, 404-800-4088.

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