• David Peck

The Next Recession Is Upon Us

We've all heard the same thing, "there's going to be another recession, it could be any day now." But nobody is talking about the extreme degree of financial downpour that the next recession will bring with it. It could be massive, setting records across the nation. The scariest part is, even the highest ranking economists don't know when it will hit the U.S. So, is it really that hard to predict when the next recession will hit? How bad will it really be? All of these questions, and more will be answered in this article, so keep reading!

The Next Recession May Be Worst Than The Great Depression

To start this topic, savings of general American consumers is at an all time low. Debt is at an all time high, we are simply borrowing more than ever. Yes, employment is very high due to the Trump Boom, however, high employment just means high job loss when a recession hits. This is one of the main reasons why the impact of a new recession will be worst than the great depression.

When Will The Next Recession Hit?

To be completely honest, nobody really knows, not even the experts of economics. Everyone has their own predictions, the most popular being that it will happen in late 2019, maybe even early 2020. But as well know, there's always a 1% chance that the economy keeps growing. The likeliness is, however, that it keeps growing until it bursts. So it is better to get your financial standings situated now, because if a recession hits soon, you'll be in a heap of trouble.

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